Sep 25

No Paycheck Stub and No Need to Punch in on the Clock

My brother owns a law firm. He has 30 employees and makes a fortune. Our whole family is filled with small business owners. Our parents have had a convenience store since we were children. It is still raking in the cash. My sister has a beauty salon for affluent women, and she makes a whole lot of money. I think she gives my brother’s law firm some competition in the area of earnings! My wife and I took a simpler route. We travel full time in an RV. I do not even get a paycheck stub like hourly employees get. I write articles and produce videos along with my wife about our travels. It keeps us in a nice RV and with money to keep moving as we see fit.

My family was not to keen on my lifestyle choice. They are all about putting down roots and getting firmly established in the community. They travel on vacation, and my wife and I travel as part of our living. We are not earning the paychecks that have a lot of zeroes at the end, but we are not in debt and travel in a nice motorhome with a tow vehicle on the back. It is us and our two dogs. I have the discipline to write well and meet my deadlines. My wife is my editor and helps with directing and producing the professional videos. There are plenty of things that are more pleasing about this lifestyle, but it does have some drawbacks. Most are minor and we adapt. For example, I needed a paycheck stub to prove employment when we were financing a purchase we were going to pay off in three months.

It was a requirement of the bank. They would not just accept our Schedule C showing self-employment income. I draw a paycheck from our company we formed as an LLC, and so am entitled to a paycheck stub. I just had to make some up with the numbers I had using an online service that makes printing paystubs easy. There are more odd annoyances for not having a regular hourly job, but the advantages far outweigh the negatives. Seeing a sunset with your house parked at the edge of the ocean makes it worth it.